November 15, 2017

PRESENT: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Kaleb Bjornstad, Jeremy Henke, Pat Stenzel; City Clerk/Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance; Mainteance Operator Bill Guggisberg; Public:


Mayor, Edward Mosser called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.

The pledge of allegiance was recited.

City Clerk called roll.

Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve October 18, 2017 meeting minutes. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

There  was no public comment to be heard.

Under Maintenance Report the Bill Guggisberg discussed the new culverts being delivered, and Park Street driveway is finished. Guggisberg spoke about purchase of mulch kit for mower. Ten street lights were replaced or fixed. The original furnace in the city shop needs to be replaced or repaired. Council told Guggisberg to purchase a new furnace as the cost to repair is about the same. Next Monday he will hang Christmas lights and vacuum leaves the last time for the season.

Under unfinished business delinquent water/sewer accounts were discussed.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve Resolution 2017-4 Authorizing Action Against a Property. Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Under new business, city clerk Nicole LaFrance discussed the records request information received for water improvement project. Council discussed improving the city nuisance ordinance.

Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve ambulance pay, tires, Medicaid recertification, nozzles and flash hoods for the fire and ambulance department. Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Next city council meeting will be moved to Tuesday, December 19th at 7:30pm, with employee reviews being held in closed meeting.

Under accounts payable and reconciliation reports, Council Beach motioned to approve accounts payable  and reconciliation reports. Council Member Henke advanced; motion carried. This includes payment to USDA Rural Developments annual bond payment in December.

There was no miscellaneous items to report.

Council Member Beach motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Council Member Henke advanced, motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer