November 18, 2015

PRESENT: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Kaleb Bjornstad, Jeremy Henkke, Pat Stenzel; City Maintenance: Operator: Bill Guggisberg; City Clerk-Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance; Fire Chief: Steve Seipp; Public: Brandon Flatness


Mayor Edward Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

City Clerk, Nicole LaFrance called roll.

Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the October 21,2015 meeting minutes. Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Jim Beach discussed the garbage contract with Thompson Sanitation and surcharges for fuel. He will work with city clerk to make sure city agreement is correct with Thompson Sanitation.

Council Member Pat Stenzel motioned to amend the agenda to add Brandon Flatness, owner of Olson Excavating to the agenda. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Brandon Flatness was present to discuss the upcoming snow removal season with Olson Excavating out of Hartland, MN. Flatness spoke about his retainage about being the same as Jerry Kroeger’s rate, $3,500.00. His hourly rate will be potentially cheaper than Kroeger’s, and will have an amount set hourly after a first run at removal. He would begin at 5:00am., which is same as Kroeger’s start time. Jeff Seltun will be in charge of City of Freeborn street removal. City Clerk, Nicole LaFrance will draft a agreement between the city and snow removal company for Brandon Flatness and council review. Flatness also spoke about the county selling sand in bulk, and that if we purchased the sand he will sand the streets especially intersections if need be. City Clerk will also post a notice about removing vehicles from the street prior to  snow removal. Council Member Pat Stenzel motioned to accept Olson Excavating for the city snow removal for 2015-2016 season. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg gave the maintenance report. Guggisberg spoke about the water project and the ditches being seeded buy contractors. This is a EPA guideline the contractor needs to follow, as a hydromulch/hydroseed was drill seeded into ditch. When spring approaches, and the contractors are back to work, they will repair any settling, etc. Guggisberg spoke about discharge/transfer of ponds. He reviewed the snow removal information and routes with Brandon Flatness. He spoke with Jeff Erickson about spreading cold mix on spots needing repair. Next week, Andy Flatness from City of Hartland will work together on hanging Christmas Street Lighting. Between the two cities they will assist each other with the lighting. Guggisberg spoke of the leaf pickup program, and how he has been to some properties five times. Going forward, and depending on weather and time there may be another go around the town. He would like to touch base regarding pickup next year, on perhaps setting up a tentative schedule for pickup.

Under unfinished business, Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve Ordinance #66 Minnesota Energy Franchise Agreement. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried. The council discussed a franchise fee option imposed to local residents, and chose not to impose the fee.

Principal Engineer, Owen Todd was present regarding an update on the water improvement project. Todd spoke about the ditch seeding, as referenced in maintenance operator’s report. He spoke about the monthly contractor project meeting that was held on November 17th, 2015. The monthly contractor meetings will be moved up a week moving forward, to be able to process payment requests from Public Facility Authority. They submit all their payment requests on the 15th of each month, which then prepares for disbursement. When the final payment request is prepared, this request will be at discussed in entirety by Todd at the city council meeting. Owen Todd discussed sending in the meter specifications to USDA Rural Development. Once approved through USDA Rural Development, he will advertise for bid, hopefully before new month’s Bolton & Menk Newsletter. He will talk with contractors and site engineer’s on maintaining the proper signage for certain streets with uneven pavement. Todd spoke about contractors wrapping up for winter, because of current weather conditions. Council Member Jim Beach discussed the estimate he received from the property owner regarding repairing her lawn mower from a value left in her yard. Todd will deliver the invoice to BCM to submit a claim. Council also discussed the current conditions of the streets and asked if Ulland Brothers will clean up some spots. Todd mentioned usually during the last week of project, companies like Ulland will come in and finish off areas that were updated/newly maintained and not already completed.

Under new business, council tabled Resolution 2015-17 Revision of Ordinance #58 Regulating the Keeping of Animals. City Clerk will contact city attorney on the costs associated for prosecuting  animal violations, and if he will proceed with cases of violation with the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Department.

Under new business, Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to amend and add water project contractors and related entities to Resolution 2015-14 Resolution Allowing Payment of Accounts Payable. This resolution is for payables due in between council meetings.  Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve Mayor, Ed Mosser to sign and execute and payment request information for the water project in between regular monthly board meetings, at the contractors monthly meeting to expedite payment to contractor. Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Under new business, city council discussed street repairs and city reserves outlined for maintenance/repair in 2016. Streets include 2nd Avenue (102 2nd Ave to Center Street); Lake Street (2nd Avenue to Third Avenue); Park Street (2nd Avenue to 4th Avenue/5th Avenue to 8th Avenue/8th Avenue to dead-end past Wayne’s Repair); Main Street (2nd Avenue to 4th Avenue); the north end of 4th Avenue to the cemetery; and a 2 foot strip (Park Street-5th Avenue-Main Street).  Ullands Brothers estimate was about $10,000 a block, with about a $130,000 estimate to repair these streets. This is just blacktop, no mill or grade work. City clerk will discuss reserves with Andy at their meeting coming up. Regarding reserves the manholes will need repair, and the water tower needing cleaned and painted inside.

Under new business, city clerk will post notice in next water billing cycle for cash payments to be in person. LaFrance and Guggisberg will sign receipt and the customer.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the accounts payable and reconciliation reports. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried. This motion includes a payment to BCM Construction for $645,547.90; Bolton & Menk Invoice number: #163944 $3,535.00; #164709 $4,890.00; #165455 $2,737.50; #166136 $870.00; #167099 $637.50; #167992 $315.00; #169032 $180.00; #177851 $2,855.78; #182211 $7,983.85; #183205 $17,488.50; #178882 $1,217.50; #180023 $2,489.28; #181096 $1,150.00; #184294 $23,646.95; City of Hartland WTP: $330,400.

Under miscellaneous items personnel reviews will be tabled.

Council Member Jim Beach motioned to adjourn the meeting. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer