November 19th, 2014

Present: Mayor: Theo Beckmann; Council Members: Ed Mosser, Jim Beach, Kaleb Bjornstad, Pat Stenzel; City Clerk: Nicole LaFrance; Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg


Mayor Theo Beckmann called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

City Clerk called roll.

Council member Ed Mosser motioned to approve the October 15, 2014 minutes and the November 13th, 2014 special meeting minutes.  Council Member Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Resident Steve Seipp was present under the public comment.  Seipp is in the process of purchasing the vacating church property in Freeborn.  He would like to sell the parsonage and make a couple of apartments out of the church.  The northern part of the lot has potential for splitting into lots for possible buyers.  He spoke with freeborn county officials and talks of rezoning from a Residential 1 (R1) Zone to a Residential 2 (R2) Zone.  This would provide Seipp the option for up to four apartments.  He is concerned with the park equipment that the city owns and insures.  This has been a grandfathered agreement between the church and city, and Seipp would like an arrangement set up as well.  He spoke of the cost association for establishing new services.  Seipp presented a letter with an outline of the project.  The council discussed the project with Seipp and concern for abandonment.  The council will host a Public Hearing to discuss rezoning at the December 17, 2014 meeting.  Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve a public hearing before the December regular meeting begins.  Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Principal Engineer, Owen Todd was present to give his engineer’s report relating to water project.  At this point, all bids received September 19, 2014 will be rejected due to bids coming in higher than anticipated.  A fact sheet summarizing cost and funding shortfall was prepared by Todd.  This will assist the City of Freeborn officials at the meeting in St. Paul tomorrow (11/20/2014) with officials from MN Dept. of Health, PFA, Pettipiece & associates, and USDA Rural Development to lobby for additional grant dollars.

Bill Guggisberg, Maintenance Operator gave his maintenance report.  Guggisberg suggested preparing a form for long term vacancies and reconnect charge.  The information on charges and set up will be on form, and residents planning to vacate will be aware of the changes in billing while not occupied for that time period.  In respects to last year’s frozen water pipes, the city cannot do any welding on frozen services, but residents can themselves with caution.  There are three meters left needing repair.  Guggisberg spoke about the Alliant Energy audit.  The recommended lighting is T8 which has four year payback.  There is a 75% rebate available, with electricians and contractors chosen from an Alliant approved list.  Estimates will be provided to the city once available.  Guggisberg spoke of the impellers being installed and would like to utilize his PTO time before the calendar year ends.

Under unfinished business, Council Member Beach spoke about estimates on a leaf vacuum for the city.  He spoke about a “Little Wonder” leaf vacuum, and trying to obtain averaging prices among vendors.

Under new business, Council Member Mosser motioned to approve Resolution 2014-12 Authorizing Action against a Property.  This is for unpaid utility and lawn mowing invoices.  Council Member Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Bjornstad motioned to approve Resolution 2014-13 Revising Ordinance No. 30 & No.36 Canvass Election Returns. This is to eliminate the need for special meeting, by moving the monthly meeting up a week for election returns canvassed.  Council Member Mosser advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Mosser motioned to reject bids from September 19, 2014 bids received.  This rejection is due to the funding shortfall the city current is working on.  Council member Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Beach motioned to approve the 2015 Liquor License for TB3’s Bar and Grill with the renewal fees of $100.00 for off sale license, $500.00 on sale license, and $100.00 Sunday License.  Council Member Stenzel advanced; motion carried.  Mayor Beckmann abstained.

Council Member Bjornstad motioned to accept Americana Insurance to begin insurance renewal coverage for 2015.  Council Member Beach advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Stenzel motioned to approve the accounts payable and reconciliation reports.  This includes the transfer of Fire State Aid ach of $8,663.97 from city general fund to the state aid fire fund.  An additional deposit of $1,300.00 from city general fund to the state aid fire fund for a matching grant the department applied for.  Council Member Mosser advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Bjornstad motioned to adjourn.  Council Member Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer