City of Freeborn

City Council Regular Meeting Minutes

May 16th, 2018


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Ed at 6:30 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance was said


Roll Call: Present:  Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Pat Stenzel, Kaleb Bjornstad and Jeremy Henke; City Clerk: Nicole LaFrance; City Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg


Motion made by Beach to approve the April 18,2018 Regular Meeting Minutes —2nd by Stenzel—carried.


Public Comments:  Movies in the Park Committee members were present to offer outdoor movies in the city park for kids. Council members agreed to the idea to a movie once or twice a week.


Maintenance Report: Guggisberg gave his maintenance report. Lift station needs impellers replaced and pump. City of Hartland spoke about the second well in Hartland and funds needed to have this done. Mosser has been  researching costs for backup generator. Guggisberg would like to see if auctioning off water tank is possible.


Unfinished Business: Delinquent water bills were discussed. Nicole will contact League of MN Cities and attorney on ordinance enforcement of the abandoned school and securing the property better.


New Business: no new business to report


Accounts Payable/Reconciliation Reports: see motion below


Motion made by Henke to accept and approve the Accounts Payable and Reconciliation Reports –2nd by Bjornstad—carried. This also included ambulance pay.


Miscellaneous: The city received a $200 Thrivent Financial donation for flower barrels in the city.



Motion made by Henke to adjourn —2nd by Bjornstad—carried


Submitted by: Nicole LaFrance, City Clerk