March 16, 2016

PRESENT: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Pat Stenzel, Jeremy Henke; City Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg; Public: Cindy Whitcomb, Steve Seipp

ABSENT: Council Member:  Kaleb Bjornstad; City Clerk/Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance

Mayor, Edward Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Ed Mosser called roll.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the February 24, 2016 meeting minutes. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Under public comment, Cindy Whitcomb was present with the concern of dogs loose in the city. Ms. Whitcomb’s concern has been for the dog residing at 602 3rd Avenue, and 405 Main Street. Both of these dogs are not leashed, not in a locked kennel, and walking freely around the community. Last week Ms. Whitcomb was walking home from work, and on 4th Avenue the dog from 602 3rd Avenue had came up suddenly behind her, and starting barking and growling at her. The dog continued to follow her home, barking and growling. She has known of this dog for many years, and this is the first time this demeanor was noted. She was nervous about possibly being attacked by the dog, as it followed her to her property line. She tried to speak to the dog, saying the dogs name, “go home with dog’s name.” Since this dog has lived next door to her for many years, her other complaint is since it is not being supervised and on a leash, he is leaving his messes in her yard. Before she mows her lawn, she tries to collect the messes, but ends up 90% of the time having to wash her mower. She strongly believes that he may have been friendly in the past, but dogs as they get older, demeanors can change, as she experienced this through a family member getting bitten in the face years ago. Many children in the community come and play in her neighborhood, and she is majorly concerned with the dog’s less patience, as he’s older, and the children’s safety. The next dog encounter is also noted, as the topic has been raised, for a dog on 405 Main Street. This is a much smaller dog than the one mentioned above, as he runs up and started biting her ankle and leg. She was brushing the dog away, and told it to “go home, and leave me alone.” The dog finally gave up after she continually brushed him away with her foot. With these experiences being said, she would like to see the city dog ordinance enforced. She believes most dog owners in the community are respectful and cleanup after their dog, and keep a close eye on them. She thanked the council for listening to her concern, not just from her but other residents as well. The city council discussed the current dog ordinance, and would like to contact the city attorney writing the appropriate documents needed for the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Department to impound the animal at large. The city will need documentation on prosecution from the city attorney. There will be fees associated with prosecution in a court order, and the city will work with the city attorney on the arrangement of the cost and party responsible for mentioned fees. Mayor Ed Mosser, will keep Ms. Whitcomb informed on the ordinance change.

Under Engineer’s Report, Ed Mosser spoke about the  preconstruction meeting with Dakota Supply Group. The meeting went smoothly, and spoke about them being a good company to work with. He spoke about meter’s installed in a three day time period, April 27th-29th. They may have one or two crews installing the 149 units. They will have every meter installed in three days. Letters will be sent to every owner. There will need to be a person/owner present for the installation. If a resident is not available on these days selected, the company will wait till Saturday for a installation.

Under Maintenance Report, Bill  Guggisberg spent time at the March15th preconstruction meeting checking into the special meters sizes in town. He spoke with the council on the meter at elevator not currently being used, and the owner of the elevator is okay with no meter being installed. Council Member Pat Stenzel and Jeremy Henke discussed not needing to install the unneeded meter. Guggisberg spoke about information from preconstruction meeting with Laurie Balata from USDA RD.  The second lowest bidder on the project is complaining against the lowest bidders 3-4inch meters. There is no 3-4 inch meters in town besides the fire department does, but it is not metered. There will be a new meter replaced, but not used for usage. He also spoke about his continuing education classes being worthwhile. He is collecting information on a flow meter for lift station going to ponds. You cannot put a flow meter going downhill; if placed inside lift station, that would be ideal. He will gather bids  from two contractors next week. If placed inside the lift station it would save costs on not creating a manhole, and rewiring. He reminded the city officials that flow meters are not cheap, and this soon will be a requirement. At water school courses, Guggisberg spoke about the key note speaker, as the topic was active shooter situations and violence aimed at the government and clerk’s. He wants the council to keep in the back of their mind that a panic button doesn’t cost much. A will wait and see what happens is not recommended, and usually these type of situations occur when a customer is complaining for years and finally has enough. Ponds and their maintenance was also discussed at the conference. Minnesota Department of Health is having issues with cities getting samples getting them on time. Our local post office has been unreliable on timing for the samples being delivered, so he takes them to Janesville or New Richland. Samples need to be delivered to MDH in 30 hrs or less. There are quarterly samples, twice a month samples, random samples, that are required during different times to report. Guggisberg also discussed the blacktop budget, as Ulland Brothers is filling up their schedule. Also that competitive bids are coming in for cleaning the water tower this spring. Council Member Jeremy Henke mentioned that his  outside spicket is not working quite as good. Guggisberg will call Owen or BCM, and  when in town, have them take a look at it. Bill will create a list of problems noted for properties concerned. BCM will start the first week in April, and will begin outside of town.

Under unfinished business the condition of the streets was discussed by council. They are not sure if the repair  estimate from Ulland Brothers last fall needs updating. Ulland Brothers is estimating reclaiming roads with their new estimator. In the City of Hartland, every street in city was reclaimed with new blacktop. This does not include county roads. Their cost averaged about $300,000. Another company called, Crane Creek out of Owatonna/Medford has been competitive with pricing incase Ulland Brothers is full. Guggisberg will contact Ulland Brothers for a new estimate, and possibly get two bids. The exact funds available in the street reserve will be on last year’s audit. Mayor Ed Mosser believes there is $180,000 in street reserve. Guggisberg spoke about starting  a chip seal program for setting aside funds each year for repairs forthcoming. Also as a best practice, he discussed if you see anyone peeling out, that this damages the new blacktop and burns through, likely done in front of the old school, as an example. Bill mentioned if needed his cell, office and email are available to make appointments for new meter installation. Bill can make appointments if it helps the process.

Under New Business council discussed City Wide Clean Up Day on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Mayor Ed Mosser, Council Member Pat Stenzel will be available for help with the process.

Under accounts payable and reconciliation reports, Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve payable  and reconciliation reports. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Under miscellaneous items Mayor, Ed Mosser spoke about the LED street lights with Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services.

Council Member Pat Stenzel motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Jim Beach advanced, motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer