City of Freeborn

Council Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2015

Present:  Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Pat Stenzel, Jeremy Henke; Maintenance Operator: William Guggisburg; City Clerk: Nicole Marlin; City Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance; Guest’s:  Fire Chief Steve Siepp; Bolton and Menk Engineer Owen Todd.

Absent was Council Member Kaleb Bjornstead.

Mayor, Ed Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30.

City Clerk, Nicole Marlin called role.

Council Member Pat Stenzel motioned to approve the February 18th, 2015 meeting minutes.  Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.

Fire Chief Steve Siepp addressed a public concern about the amount of water usage at the Parshinage Church reflecting on the invoice due to no one being in the building.  Treasuerer Nicole LaFrance will look up the last three months of the Parsinage Invoices and adjust the invoices accordingly.

Engineer Report

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked about having a great experience at the Water Schooling in St. Cloud, the courses were very helpful.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg also thanked the City Council for the help that they contributed when he was out for medical reasons.  Bill also stated that the help might be needed again in April if need be off again for medical reasons.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked about the water break and that Jeff Dale and Andy Flatness narrowed down the water main break down to 1 Block.  Rule Water Tony Cranze then found the water main break faster which then saved the City money.  Bill is also going to be checking on the street that had the water main break to see if the barricades could be removed off the street and just leave a couple cones up so people could use the street.  Bill also stated that he would put up the right barricades accordingly.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg mentioned that he worked on the water meter that was leaking in a residence and that he planned on sweeping the streets this coming weekend.

Treasurer, Nicole LaFrance talked about making a spreadsheet of meter reads from the past year and Bill Guggisberg will assist her in checking the meter information.  Bill also mentioned that there are some broken meters and that he would look into ordering meters.

In question to Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg it was asked if he had heard about the lights for the City Building and Fire Department.  Bill had not heard anything from Alliant or Bowen’s Electric.  Bill stated that he would call them both tomorrow about the lights.

In unfinished business Discussion was held about the City website and City Council viewed the beginnings of the new city website.  City Treasurer, Nicole LaFrance asked the Council if the City Clerk, Nicole Marlin could take reign of the website project, City Council agreed.  City Clerk, Nicole Marlin addressed the Council and ask that they come with some pictures, city history, and Ordinance’s that they think would best suit the city website.

City Treasurer, Nicole LaFrance asked to have the Resolution 2015-3 tabled so there is more time to go over the City Clerk/Treasurer duties could be adjusted accordingly.  City Council agreed.

Council Member, Jim Beach discussed Nuisance Properties with junk in the yard.  Decided that will send a 2nd request via Certified to the Nuisance Property until yard is cleaned up.

In new business City Council, Jim Beach motioned to approve New City Clerk, Nicole Marlin to attend the “City Clerk’s Orientation Conference” in Duluth (June 24-26).  Council Member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

City Clerk, Nicole Marlin addressed the City Council about taking the “Ambulance-HIPPA” free webinar.  City Council agreed.

City Clerk, Nicole Marlin also addressed the issue of not having a shredder in the office when dealing with personal information.  Council Member, Pat Stenzel motioned to approve getting a shredder for the office.  Council Member, Jeremy Henke advanced; motion was carried.

Council Member, Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the Accounts Payable Reports.  Council Member, Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Council Member, Pat Stenzel motioned to approve to adjorn the meeting.  Council Member, Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.