City of Freeborn

City Council Regular Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2019

Roll Call: Present: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Arik Matson, Pat Stenzel; City Clerk: Nicole
LaFrance; Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg; Absent: Council Member: Dale Hedensten; Public: Linda Nelson,
Terry & Emily Mills, Members of Our Town USA Community Foundation

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Mosser at 6:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance was said

Motion was made by Beach to approve the May 15, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes —2nd by Matson—carried.

Public Comment: Linda Nelson was present to discuss rezoning parcels 25.018.0500. She presented a agreement
between her and Wayne Nelson. The bare lot is zoned commercial and would like this parcel rezoned starting at tree
line going towards the homestead property. Council and Clerk discussed. City Clerk will need a legal description of the
property, owners in interest, and public hearing held and published according to all rezoning state statutes. Ms.
Nelson will contact her attorney and County Recorder’s Office and will bring legal information when she is ready.
Public Comment: Two members from the Our Town USA Community Foundation were present to discuss their
organization created to assist and revitalize the communities of Bricelyn, Easton, Freeborn, Kiester, Walters and
Wells. The organization works off donations and reinvests a $1,000 each year into each community for a project.
Depending on the project, and funds the community uses, the funds do roll over into future years if not used. Flyers
are distributed to residents for a town hall format meeting, where residents attend. Residents voice their ideas,
potential projects that the funds can be used for, and vote on the final projects. City of Freeborn’s meeting for
residents is scheduled on Wednesday, July 24th at 6:30pm, with flyers sent in July 3rd, 2019 water bills. They would
also like to invite two council members for each city to be on their organizations board.

Public Comment: Terry Mills has questions regarding building permits, and if required for a small cement patio to be
poured. Mr. Terry and Ms. Emily Mills were present to discuss civil matters between them and an adjacent property
owner. Primary concern of Mills is piping that is staked for adjacent owners property line. Mills discussed fencing
ordinance, height restrictions, and how far from property line the fence can be built on. Other civil items were
brought forward, but city elected official cannot participate in civil matters, only governmental and city laws and
ordinances. County law enforcement can assist with civil matters. The adjacent property owner has also inquired on a
fence building permit and has had his property surveyed for this purpose.

Maintenance Report: Guggisberg gave his monthly maintenance report. Lawn mowing letters will be sent to 401 4th
Ave, and 601 4th Ave, and 510 Park Street. Guggisberg also pulled the meter and tested pressure at 110 2nd Ave.
Would like the water line tested from home to curb stop by homeowner. Tile line was repaired by Olson Excavating
on 3rd Street. The contractors for water project did not compact under this title line. Spoke about the brush pile and
if residents loose branches in street along the way, to please pick them up. He was also contacted by a family
member of 401 4th Avenue about ownership and reconnecting water services to property and outstanding water bill
left on property. Council discussed.

Unfinished Business: Delinquent water/sewer accounts were tabled.
New Business: Council Member Stenzel motioned to approve Winco generator purchase quote. City of Freeborn lost
power for a few days from last wind/snow storm. City generator did not work, as it has many years on it. Council
Member Beach advanced, motion carried.
New Business: Golf course would like to utilize City of Freeborn’s mosquito sprayer, and pay for the spray and other
items needed. Council discussed. They would like the golf course to reimburse the city for spray used.
Motion made by Matson to approve Resolution 2019-6 Donations Park Department for Park Equipment – 2nd by
Stenzel -carried. Beach obstained.

New Business: Clerk presented council pay, and will recut Council Members Hedensten’s check with absence from
tonight’s meeting.

New Business: Mayor Mosser signed the updated contract for street sweeper. Street sweeper contract will be sent to
Hartland for approval.

New Business: Letters will be sent to properties that need lawns mowed in violation of city ordinance.
Motion made by Stenzel to accept and approve the Accounts Payable and Reconciliation Reports –2nd by Beach—carried.

Miscellaneous Items: There was no miscellaneous items to report.

Motion made by Stenzel to adjourn —2nd by Beach—carried.

-Nicole LaFrance
City Clerk-Treasurer