City of Freeborn

Council Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2015

Present:  Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Pat Stenzel, Maintenance Operator: William Guggisberg; City Clerk: Nicole Marlin.

Absent:  Board Members: Kaleb Bjornstad, Jeremy Henke; Bolton and Menk Engineer: Owen Todd.

Mayor, Ed Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30.

City Clerk, Nicole Marlin called role.

Council Member Pat Stenzel motioned to approve the June 20th, 2015 meeting minutes.  Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

William Guggisberg talked to council regarding the Engineers Report from Owen Todd.  Preconstruction meeting will be Friday at 10am.  The schedules haven’t been completely finalized yet but the city will always have an updated copy as the schedules change.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked about meeting with Dan Behrands from BCM Construction and they reviewed what the plan was from BCM.  They would bring 2 crews, one in Hartland and Freeborn.  Hartland crew would get done sooner since there is less to do to get the pipe out of town.  They want to save the connection in the country till fall or falling spring until everything freezes up.  They are hoping to have 60% of the project completed before it freezes up and finish the 40% in the spring.  They plan to work either 4 tens or 4 twelve’s.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg also talked about BCM wanting somewhere to store gravel, sand and blacktop.  They would make a deal with the city and would like to use the “Golden Acre” behind the Heritage Building and in front of the ponds.  And BCM would like contact info for the owner of the old school building to use the tennis court to store items that they need.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked to easy residents minds that the residents will always be forewarned about what is going on wither it is thru the website or other means of communication.

In unfinished business council requested to have City Clerk email lawyer Perry Berg asking if he is completed with the lease for the park lot so the city does not lose the property.

In unfinished business council member Jim Beach was wondering what the council should do regarding Mark Ruben’s property, Tom Hamson’s property.  City Clerk will contact Tom Sorenson regarding those properties.

In new business send Jason Hendensten a letter to get his dock off the city property and clean up lot.

In new business council member, Ed Mosser approved the Resolution 2015-6.  Council member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

In new business TB3’s would like the council to consider $25,000.00 from the EDA to tear down the grocery store.  City Clerk and Council member Jim Beach will go to the bank to get information on how much is in the EDA and how much is left in their loan payments.  Council member, Pat Stenzel motion to approve the 2015-7 Resolution to give TB3’s $10,000.00 towards the demolition of the grocery store.  Council member, Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

In new business Council member, Pat Stenzel motioned to approve Resolution 2015-8 accepting money from the American Legion ($2,000 to Ambulance, $2,000 to Parks and $2,000 to Ambulance).  Council member, Ed Mosser advanced; motion carried.

Council Member, Jim Beach motioned to approve the accounts payable and reconciliation reports.  Council Member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Council member, Jim Beach motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Council Member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Nicole Marlin

-City Clerk