City of Freeborn

City Council Minutes

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Present: Mayor: Theo Beckmann, Council Members: Pat Stenzel, Jim Beach, Ed Mosser, Kaleb Bjornstad, City Clerk: Nicole LaFrance; Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg


Mayor Theo Beckmann called the meeting to order.

Al Ed Mosser motioned to approve the minutes from the June 19th meeting. Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Steve Moline, from Pettipiece & Associates was present regarding the Housing and Rehabilitation Program. The city signed documents relating to contracting services with Pettipiece & Associates. The administrative cost for their assistance is included within the grant money the city received. The other contracts signed were for inspections made by the MVAC and lead assessments. The grant also covers for these services. Steve presented three resolutions for the city.

Resolution 2013-7 Drug Free Workplace Policy was discussed. Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve Resolution 2013-7 Drug Free Workplace Policy. Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Resolution 2013-8 MN Housing Rehabilitation Program Income Policy was discussed. This refers to the money paid back to the city and to be kept separate from other funds. If a resident moves before the ten year period is over, the property owner would then be responsible for repayment. Any money repaid to the city, is money that would be deposited back into the Housing Fund. The city then would turn around and use for another resident. Jim Beach motioned to approve Resolution 2013-8 Housing Rehabilitation Program Income Policy. Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Resolution 2013-9 Residential Antidisplacement & Relocation Assistance Plan was discussed. The funds for this program are federal money. If a city decides there need to be demolition of home or convert a use other than lower-income housing unit, the city is required to relocate that resident to a comparable housing option, with the intent to not displace any residents. Ed Mosser motioned to approve Resolution 2013-9 Residential Antidisplacement & Relocation Assistance Plan. Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Resolution 2013-10 Fair Housing Policy was discussed. This resolution supports the Fair Housing Act to comply with any non discriminatory actions and policies. Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to adopt the 2013-10 Fair Housing Policy. Pat Stenzel advanced, motion carried.

The city requested Steve Moline from Pettipiece & Associates to submit paperwork, any pay requests when getting invoices in regarding rehabilitation program.

Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to add Roger Merritt to the agenda. Ed Mosser advanced; motion carried.Resident Roger Merritt was present regarding a water problem. He has had neighboring residents complain that they believe he is diverting water onto other residents property. He was present to discuss this manner, as he has stated he has not diverted any water onto resident’s properties, and we have had some recent heavy rain falls to account for the excessive water standing. After a discussion and the city Maintenance Operator checking with the League of MN Cities, that this is not the city’s responsibility, more or less a civil issue.

Kaleb Bjornsad motioned to add resident Mark Gruben to the agenda. Ed Mosser advanced; motion carried. Mark Gruben was present regarding the Heritage Society roof condition. Mark states the roof is leaking and shingles are in need of repair. He was checking the cities financial obligation in replacing the roof.  After discussion the city spoke about them owning the building, yet in 2006 an agreement was signed that the Heritage Society will assume control and maintains it. They would like to see if the boosters have any additional funds left over, or the financials of the heritage society. The council discussed getting local residents to assist with labor so the cost of the project will decrease. Mark Gruben will check with the Heritage Society. Mayor, Theo Beckmann will check with the boosters about any additional funds.

Mainteance Operator, Bill Guggisberg checked the status of getting his printer back from Clerk’s Office. He would like a letter sent to the Jesse Hernandez home regarding not have access to the water meter for meter reads. Ordinance #47 states that the property owner should provide safe access to read water meters. City Clerk, Nicole LaFrance will send a letter with reference to the ordinance. Bill also reported that he has sprayed for mosquitos, trimmed branches and trees. He has completed pond maintenance and emergency discharges. He fixed the ditch by Lakeshore Drive, with hopes there is no more settling. Bill has had some complaints by the elevator about smelling spoiled feed, which there was two to three tractor buckets full. Bill received a letter of violation for Well #2 and he has been in contact with the engineers on that. Minnesota Department of Health is now reworking the letter to add in well #2.

The council discussed the preparation of the 2014 city budget lightly, with possible costs that might be different than last year. A four-wheeler was discussed for the purpose of being able to mosquito spray people’s backyards. They discussed additional revenue it may produce if people out in the township were interested in spraying their properties for a low cost. City Clerk, Nicole LaFrance would like to create a petty cash log for documenting transactions easier.

The city council discussed and scheduled a meeting to go over the Letter of Conditions with USDA Rural Development. The special meeting will be held on Thursday, July 25th at 6:00 p.m.

Jim Beach motioned to approve the accounts payable. Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Jim Beach motioned to approve City of Hartland’s Maintenance Operator, Andy Flatness wage for fill-in’s at the normal maintenance wage of $16.56. Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Ed Mosser motioned to adjourn the meeting. Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

-Nicole LaFrance

City Clerk-Treasurer