February 18th, 2015

PRESENT: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jeremy Henke, Kaleb Bjornstad, Pat Stenzel; City Clerk-Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance; Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg.

ABSENT:   Jim Beach

Mayor Edward Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

City clerk called roll. Absent was Council Member Jim Beach.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the February 18th, 2015 meeting minutes. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Matt Levorson with Matt Levorson  Productions was present to discuss the city website.  For the city website is register a domain name: and  With the website there is a possibility of businesses advertising and online bill pay in the future.   Online bill pay will have a fee in which either the city or the residents pay for the fee.   The website will be able to analysis data from website visitors, and documents which items are visited the most.   Visitors will be able to utilize the city page from their mobile phone as well.  Council member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the city website implementation Council member, Jeremy Henke advanced; motioned carried.

Owen Todd was present from Bolton & Menk for Engineer’s report.  Owen Todd brought forth forms:  EPA form 4700-4 Preaward Compliance Review Report, Requesting EDA Financial Assistance and Minnesota Public Facilities Authority CWRF/DWRF application Form 5 and Form 6.  Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the Resolution 2015-2 Minnesota Public Facilities Authority Application Clean Water Revolving Fund.   Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.  Mayor, Ed Mosser signed and authorized these forms for submission.

Principal Engineer, Owen Todd also discussed PFA, and their amendment of their use plan.  We are allocated $1.4 million dollar forgivable loan or grant.  The City will not commit to these funds until bids are opened and authorized.  Completing the financing documents/ forms now will speed up the process.  The Project is broken into two pieces.  The distribution line from Heartland to Freeborn and secondly the portion of project that lies in the city.  USDA Rural Development locks in loan amount, and PPA picks up remaining.  Todd will email USDA RD with updated material signed at this meeting.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked about wanting to replace a Yield Sign on State Street, a Slow Children’s sign on 3rd Street and a Stop Sign on 2nd Street.  Parts for the playground equipment are not available, but he would like repair with plexi-glass, as it would be safer for the children.  Also he wants to repair parallel bars for the children’s safety.  Maintenance Operator Bill Guggisberg also ordered sockets for Christmas lights costing $24.00.  Maintenance Operator Bill Giggisberg will be attending a Water Schooling March 3-5th in St. Cloud and will be in Rochester March 6th.  Doors will need to be unlocked before 8 while he is gone.

There is no unfinished business to report.

In new business Mayor Ed Mosser stated  Sue Miller, Freeborn County Highway Engineer has set up a time in April for meeting regarding fixing the FreebornDam.

Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the new City Clerk appointment, Nicole Marlin.  Pat Stenzel advance; motion carried.

Pat Stenzel motioned to approve accounts payable/reconciliation reports.  Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion approved.

Closed Session for Employee Contract was tabled regarding Clerk/Treasurer Contract.

There was no miscellaneous items to report.

Council Member, Pat Stenzel motioned to adjourn the meeting. Council Member, Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer