April 20, 2016

PRESENT: Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Kaleb Bjornstad, Jeremy Henke, Pat Stenzel City Maintenance Operator: Bill Guggisberg; City Clerk/Treasurer: Nicole LaFrance


Mayor, Edward Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

City Clerk called roll.

Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve the March 16, 2016 meeting minutes. Council Member Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.

Under public comment, Viola Krogsgaard and Sonja Honstad were present regarding barrels and flower arrangements for city beautification projects. Last year, volunteer residents adopted a barrel(s) and supplied flowers for barrels decorated around the city of Freeborn. There has been suggestion from local residents on purchasing flowers that have same arrangements and colors. There are currently 15 barrels able to be utilize in the city, and the volunteers would like to ask for a donation from the City of Freeborn to purchase flowers with same arrangements throughout the city. Each barrel will be adopted again by a volunteer, for caretaking and watering upkeep. Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve a donation for flowers and potting mix for up to $250.00 for the 2016 season. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Under Engineer’s Report, Owen Todd, Principal Engineer from Bolton & Menk was present. He discussed payment requests from funding entities like Public Facilities Authority, USDA Rural Development, and MRWA. At the preconstruction meeting, held on April 19, 2016 the decision was made to move these meeting one week ahead for proper execution of payment requests specifically for Public Facilities Authority. PFA processes all payment requests on one date each month, which seems to be the day after each preconstruction meeting. This makes it difficult for USDA RD to accept and approve payments, city signoffs, and engineer questioning to take place prior to PFA submission deadline. The preconstruction meetings will be moved to the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. for a more efficient payment request process. The city officials and Todd discussed creating a list of properties needing attention for repair, maintenance, etc. The list is for the contractor to fix necessary property issues that may arise from contractor work being completed. This will be delivered and spoken about at each preconstruction meeting as needed. City Clerk LaFrance and Owen Todd started a list tonight of some properties spoken of, for efficiency of repair.

Principal Engineer Owen Todd, also discussed JA Consulting LLC will begin the meter installation the week of the April 25th. The process usually takes about 15-20 minutes, and scheduling of all residents will be done through city clerk. Piping between Hartland and Freeborn is coming closer. The crews working are about 1000 feet apart. There was a phone call made to the County Highway Engineer about dirt/slime build-up after the rainfall on the adjacent county road. The County Highway Department arrived and removed the build-up, and if invoiced from department, send invoice to the BCM Contracting for payment.

Under Maintenance Report, Bill Guggisberg spoke about the west lift station, and has received a new quote from Minnesota Pump Works for the controller in the amount of  $1,914.00 for replacement. He would like to hold off on lift station flow meter, as he is waiting for an additional bid to compare with. A valve at the ponds was in need of repair and he removed and replaced the nut that was loose. Guggisberg switched out a nozzle for the chlorine issue occurring, and has fixed the booster pump having trouble. Relating to the water project, the south east side of town will begin to be on temporary water starting midday Friday and begin to work inward into the city. For future reference, the city sweeper is running a little rough, and worth mentioning. Lastly Guggisberg discussed the bids received for water tower painting. This would occur mid July/August following all residents being off temporary water.

Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the new controller from Minnesota Pump Works needed in the west lift station for $1,914.00. Council Member Jim Beach advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve the lowest water tower painting quote with Central Tank & Coating for the sum of $18,000.00. Council Member Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.

Under unfinished business the city officials discussed the quote from Ulland Brothers received for repair of city streets. The water project pays for the center strip replacement after digging as occurred, but not the entire width of street. Ulland Brothers is the contractor lined up to complete this portion of project, and thus the city officials have identified funds available in street reserve account to complete the remainder of the street. The city council discussed the Minnesota State Cooperative Purchasing Venture website for this remainder of street repair needed, but ultimately the least expensive option is to complete the work with the crew already on site, as there is a huge cost saving for already being mobilized in the city for water project street need.  To approve this street quote from Ulland Brothers, and identifying funds available in the reserve fund, the city officials would like to hold off on repairing up to three to four city streets in the city, and wait until 2017 for cost reasons. Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve the street bid for $95,751.50 with Ulland Brothers. Streets included in quote needing repaired are Second Avenue, Third Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Center Street, Main Street, Park Street, and Lake Street. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried. Estimated repair for Fifth Avenue, 8th Avenue, Union Street and State Street repair will occur in 2017.

Under unfinished business city officials discussed the dog ordinance information from last meeting. City Clerk discussed action taken by City Attorney. He is working with the Sheriff’s Department on prosecution formats needed from attorney. Perry Berg, attorney, also sent letters to two property owners with dog violation issues. He also drafted a letter from mayor, to be included in the next water billing cycle in reference to city dog ordinance for all residents to be informed of such ordinance.

Under New Business , City Clerk discussed violation letters  recommended by council for mowing for parcel ID numbers, 25.012.0050; 25.010.0020, and 25.018.0520.

Under New Business, city officials discussed a dock remaining on city parcel 25.010.0040. The City Clerk will contact City Attorney to send a letter to prior owner for removal of the dock, or the city will assume ownership of the property (dock) left at the location, if not removed.

Under New Business, city officials discussed changing to monthly water, sewer and garbage billing. Local residents have spoken to city clerk and city council members on the current bi-monthly billing for utilities being a large dollar amount due at a time, for invoices. There is also confusion on which months are included in each billing cycle (as it includes two half months), and lastly delinquent accounts being brought current in a more organized fashion. There is no changes at this time on rates of utilities, but rather the billing cycle changing. Council Member Jim Beach motioned to approve the City of Freeborn to change to monthly water billing according to the meter change out, last cycle being billed, and letters included to residents on change occurring. Council Member Pat Stenzel, advanced; motion carried.

Under accounts payable and reconciliation reports, Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve accounts payable  and reconciliation reports. Council Member Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried. This includes payment requests for BCM Construction: PPE #5 $110,549.03; Bolton & Menk: Invoice # 185300 $2,955.15, Invoice #185298 $16,489.45, and Invoice #186457 $2,047.00. Payment on these invoices included are from PFA ($106,487.78) and MWRA ($25,552.85).

Under miscellaneous items city officials discussed the high levels of dust around the elevator.

Under miscellaneous items city officials discussed a new fence in violation of city building code ordinance at 202 Main Street. There is also no building permit on file. City Clerk will send a building permit and letter of violation outlining the violation at hand to property owner. Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve city clerk to send letter of violation and a building permit to 202 Main Street. Council Member Pat Stenzel, advanced; motion carried.

Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Jeremy Henke advanced, motion carried.

Nicole LaFrance

-City Clerk-Treasurer