City of Freeborn

Council Meeting Minutes

April 15th, 2015

Present:  Mayor: Ed Mosser; Council Members: Jim Beach, Pat Stenzel, Jeremy Henke; Kaleb Bjornstad Maintenance Operator: William Guggisberg; City Clerk: Nicole Marlin; Public:  Fire Chief: Steve Siepp; Bolton and Menk Principal Engineer: Owen Todd; Cemetery Committee: Ron Jacobson; Freeborn Area Cancer Committee: Sharon Honstad


Mayor, Ed Mosser called the meeting to order at 6:30.

City Clerk, Nicole Marlin called role.

Council Member Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the March 18th, 2015 meeting minutes.  Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

In public comments Cemetery Committee Member, Ron Jacobson asked the council for permission for the Cemetery Committee to hold a Memorial Day event in the city/township hall on Memorial Day, City Council agreed.

Also in public comments Resident, Jim Beach asked the council for permission to hold the Freeborn American Legion to hold a Memorial Day Service in the city/township hall.  Council agreed.

Freeborn Area Cancer Committee Member, Sharon Honstad, asked the council permission to use the city/township hall on May 8 and May 9th for the craft vendors to use during the festivities.  City Council agreed.

Owen Todd was present from Bolton and Menk for Engineers Report.  Owen talked about water project bids being advertised in the Alden Advance Newspaper, Finance & Commerce, and on their company website.  The opening of bids will be held on May 15th at 10:00 a.m. at the city/township hall.  Owen talked about already receiving calls about the water project and expects to get more calls around the 8th of May.  Owen also wanted the council to know that the contractors might stop by to see the plans and if needed they are to get ahold of Bill Guggisberg.

Principal Engineer, Owen Todd also discussed that sometimes Rural Development requires you to have a contract with another testing company before they will go any further.  That is incase when doing the project they come into some bad soil and need to do a density test during construction period.  Council Member Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the American Engineering Testing Company as city’s designated testing company.  Council Member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

Principal Engineer, Owen Todd talked about having the mayor sign an Affirmative Steps on Small, Minority and Woman Suppliers and Services signed and that he could get that off the USDA Rural Development.  Council Member, Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve the Affirmative Steps on Small, Minority and Woman Suppliers and Services.  Council Member, Jeremy Henke advanced; motion carried.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg talked about some of the older meters that need to be replaced or fixed and that the company does not make those models any more so there is no way to get parts, unless there is a town that has extra used parts from their old meters.  Bill is going to check into the other towns around.  The only other option would be to get the digital readers and that would cost $250.00 per meter and Bill did not see a reason to buy the new ones when it will be covered in the Water Project.  Bill thinks that the meters that are having the issues should be estimated until new meters come because there would be no way to recoup the money that was spent on those meters.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg also talked about receiving the Whisky Barrels and wanted to know what the council wanted to put in the barrels.  Council agreed that the barrels should have 4 inches of River rock at the bottom and then top it off with soil and Pete moss mix.

Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg mentioned that he was in the process of discharging the ponds and took samples.

In unfinished business Resident Steve Seipp addressed the city council regarding the school in Freeborn.  Steve is concerned about people that are living in the school, and wondering if there is anything that can be done about the situation.  Mayor, Ed Mosser and Maintenance Operator, Bill Guggisberg will meet up tomorrow to see about chaining the doors and boarding up the windows so people can’t get in the school, because it is a safety precaution. The city attorney will be contacted, to help assist with property steps to get the safety issue resolved.

In unfinished business City Clerk, Nicole Marlin discussed with the city council that we are in need of their pictures for the website as soon as possible to get the website up and running.

In new business Resident, Steve Seipp discussed that he is in need of documentation that the city is resuming liability for the playground on his property.  Steve needs the documentation soon.

In new business Council Member, Jeremy Henke talked about having the Council write a letter of support for the Freeborn Lake/ Dam Project to the DNR.  Council also thinks that it would be good to have a Resolution to support the Dam Project.

Council Member, Jeremy Henke motioned to approve the accounts payable and reconciliation reports.  This includes payments to RJ Contracting for $11,550.00 and Pettipiece for $2020.00.  Council Member, Pat Stenzel advanced; motion carried.

In closed session for Employee Contract Council Member, Kaleb Bjornstad motioned to approve hiring City Clerk at $15.00 per hour.  Pat Stenzel advanced; motion approved.

City Council would like table the Clerk/Treasurer Contracts- Resolution 2015-3 due to the gap in hours in the proposed contract.

In miscellaneous business Council Member, Jim Beach brought to the Council to get thinking about a leaf vacuum for the City, and to add it to the agenda next month.

Council Member, Jim Beach motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Council Member, Kaleb Bjornstad advanced; motion carried.

Nicole Marlin

-City Clerk